I found a gold mine of blogging information…

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So I am new to blogging. There are a lot of questions for a newbie. So the best I can do is either call and bug all my friends who have been blogging longer than I, or search out help from our good friend Google. While trying to figure out how to self-host my wordpress.com blog (difficult to find good info) I came across BlogWell and they had very detailed information on how to accomplish this task. So, if you are looking for help on your blog check out this site.


My friend Russell Allen has new blog….

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One of our worship leaders at Christ Fellowship has a new blog. Check it out and leave a comment. The address is russdallen.wordpress.com


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You probably have already heard this song, but if you have not, take a 10 minute break, sit down and be ready to be encouraged. We just recently introduced this song at our Night of Worship. The power of God was so strong as individuals through the venue stood to declare the words of this song for their own lives

Rat Tails and Mullets…..

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A picture my good friend Matt Cole made of me...

A picture my good friend Matt Cole made of me...

Today I got a hair cut. I really needed one. I have been on a quest for some time now to continually grow my hair longer than it had ever been and I finally got to a point where it was just a little too long for my taste. So, being a person who lives for words of affirmation, I sought out the input of some pretty hip guys and asked if they thought I should stay long or go short. To my surprise, their suggestion was that I should get a rat tail. I laughed and then one of them turned around to show me his.

So, today, while I am at Ulta, my stylist (that sounds so wrong to me) Pam, starts talking about how mullets are the rage ad that she just cut her boys hair in a mullet. Here is my problem with rat tails and mullets…I have already lived through the 80’s and those hairstyles were bad then. I’m not sure how fashion works, but it blows my mind that we take bad ideas from the past and try to pass them off today like they are cutting edge.

So, I did what any brave, self respecting man in my situation should do. I rose up against the system and said no to the insanity of mullets and tails and just had Pam trim up my hair.

My Wife Has A Blog….

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You may not know my wife, but you ought to. She is the best. She has a naturally funny wit. I believe that she has a lot to say that will connect with ladies in the same station of life and wisdom for those who are just starting out in marriage and/or motherhood. I encourage you to check it out. Oh, the name Weezie? She gives you the 411 in her first post.

John Daker Sings the Classics

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This is a man who needs a confidence monitor in a bad way…

Night of Worship @ the Ascent

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Last night was an amazing night of worship. It was a blast leading worship with three of my good friends, Jay Boykin, Greg Carr and Gina Kemp. There were over 600 people who showed up to worship, and we worshiped loud and strong. Before the event even started you could sense the presence of God in the room. It was evident to me that God was going to do something big, and He did!

A moment that will be forever etched in my memory bank of great worship moments was when we were singing “Healer”. You could tell that God was ministering to His people in a profound way. I was moved with compassion as I realized good friends of mine who were in the room that night who have struggled with sickness and addictions were singing the words to this new song…

“I believe You’re my healer. I believe You are all I need.
I believe You’re my portion. I believe You’re more than
enough me, Jesus You’re all I need.”

I wept knowing that God was reminding them/us that He is all we need. We then spent time laying hands on and praying for those around us that were in need of healing. The declaration that “the same power that conquered the grave lives in me” rang out as we celebrated God’s healing and deliverance.

As we closed the night there was a mighty shout of praise. My prayer is that in my life, in the lives of those who attended, in the life of our church, there will be a continual shout of praise that declares the glory of our God.